Our therapeutic team grows

So happy to announce that I have been joined in my team by?

My name is Tiaan Roodt. Since 1988 I am involved as a spiritual coach and  therapist with people. I have learned through the years that all of us are frequently visited by messengers. They come in all forms. Most of us try to eliminate them before they deliver their message. In the years I have learned in my own and the lives of others to decode these messages. These messages, irrespective of their content,  always shine their spotlight on core issues or internal beliefs which we need to address in order to grow.


These beliefs end up becoming the printout of our lives. The world then becomes a mirror to us that we either embrace or fight. The path through this maze called life, is impossible and very difficult , when travelling alone and bruised. We need to embrace relationships because we are biologically wired to connect . And yes, through that very thing called relationships most of us had our fingers badly burnt, but it is also through relationships, that one will truly get healed.


I have over 20 years of consulting and training experience in different fields including addiction.


I am ordained as a Pastor in 1997. A Life Skills Trainer & Consultant in 1998. A Resilience Champion Course 2018 and  PSYCH-K Facilitator 2018


As part of the therapeutic team in Claudia Roodt Consulting, my focus is –

To decode the messenger(s) which reveals our subconscious core beliefs and  help you to rewrite those subconscious core beliefs and change the printout of your life.


In doing this we release the hold that trauma has on our lives and can embrace a healthy future which is not stuck in the past hurt.



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