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Welcome to my site!

My name is Claudia Roodt, I am a motivational speaker, Trauma Informed Workshop Facilitator & Individual, Couples or Group Therapist.

I was born on the 24th of May 1966, in Citrusdal in the Western Cape, South Africa.  I qualified as a social worker at the University of Stellenbosch in December 1988.

I believe in the potential of every human being and that we need to spend more time on what is going right than what is going wrong. 

I believe as Bruce Perry, well known child psychiatrist “that our biggest biological gift is the ability to form relationships” and that we are currently living in relational poverty as we are neglecting this gift of ours as humans.  Our brain is not made for the modern society with all the new interventions such as social media.  I also believe that we are all created for love and that all humans have a need to belong and feel special and significant.  We all need that secure attachment from our primary caregiver.  If you do not receive the secure attachment, you experience the world as a dangerous place from being a baby and will ultimately stay searching your whole life for the attachment you did not receive.

Having experienced childhood adversity myself, I spent most of my life searching for the “missing link” and spent years in cognitive psychotherapy with very little change happening in my life.  During the nine years as Director of a Child and Youth Care Centre for abused girls, I realised that punitive behaviour towards theses fragile girls, when they were angry and had rage attacks or found themselves in dangerous situations with the potential of being exploited, did not improve their lives or their view of themselves.

It is at this point that my research on trauma began.  I have since spent the past seven years researching trauma and the brain.  The biggest discovery I have made to date is the affect trauma has on the brain and how that impacts our life long development and subsequent behaviour.  I have also discovered why trauma victims cannot relate to “talk therapy” and that as a therapist, educator, trauma counsellor, you need to access the lower parts of the brain first as self regulation needs to happen before the more sophisticated parts of the brain, the neo cortex, can come on line again as the new cortex actually goes “off line” during chronic trauma.

Trauma is stored in the nervous system of our bodies and the bottom part of our brain which operate from instinct and as a result we react instinctively when we experience a trigger from one or more of our 5 senses – touch, hear, smell, see and taste.

A fear driven brain, like that of a child who is exposed to violence at home or community on a continuous basis and receives no support from care givers or other supportive adults, cannot learn and retain new information, unless this child experiences the presence of a safe space from a calm teacher or adult in order for his bodily impulses to be regulated so that the neo cortex can come on line.   If that does not happen, the child will experience any perceived threat, whether real or imaginery, from a trauma perspective and and react from a hyper or hypo aroused stress response.  The child needs to be taught how to calm his fear driven brain through experiencing of self regulation and safe spaces.

I have developed my own Trauma Informed Training manual as a result of my research.

I am passionate about all people and believe that we do have the ability to create safe environments for all to reach their full potential as life is ultimately about relationships and connections.  The purpose of my training is to show others, through the workshops and training, how healing happens through healthy connections and that when we show people the gold within themselves and call that out, all shame disappears and they develop into who they are destined to be.

My training/workshops focus on the following:

  • Training on Trauma Informed Care – how the human brain develops and work, the effect of trauma on the brain (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and effective ways of healing to move forward – 3 days – Cost is R2000 per day for a group of 10 people.
  • Training of Schools and Businesses to become Trauma Informed/Sensitive environments – 3 days – Cost is R2000 per day for the school governing body and staff of business management.
  • Workshop on Healing of Shame – 2 days – Cost is R2000 per day for a group of 10 people.
  • Trauma debriefing for company employees, teachers, social workers and other groups –  Cost is R650 per session for the group.
  • Motivational talks on How to be Powerful and have Boundaries –  Cost is R1500 for a talk.
  • Individual/couple/groups therapy  – healing from trauma and toxic relationship patterns/moving from powerless to powerful/having healthy boundaries/becoming and maintaining my authentic wholehearted self –  Cost is R500 per session.